Exactly How Much Should You Be Focusing on Voice Search?

Exactly How Much Should You Be Focusing on Voice Search?

Exactly How Much Should You Be Focusing on Voice Search?

Voice search is still a shiny new object. But ask yourself these questions before diving head first into voice search optimization.

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Voice Search – Google Tell Us What You Need To Know

Find out what Google themselves had to say about the future of Voice Search at Innovation Visual’s office warming event. Chris Mantle and James Smith from Google Partners spoke to our guests about how voice technology is developing and what this means for the future of search as a whole.

One of the standout facts from the talk was that 30% of web browsing will be done without a screen by 2020. Find out what else Google had to say by watching the video.


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How to Enable Voice Search on YouTube | Voice Search Commands on YouTube

Hi guys, this video will show you how to enable voice search on YouTube. Voice search on YouTube on Android is available on default. If your YouTube app for Android hasn’t enabled the voice search then you can enable the microphone under Settings then go to Apps Settings. Here you find YouTube app, click on permission and give the microphone permission for it.
Remember that your YouTube app needs to be the latest version. Check for update on Play Store on your phone.
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Role of voice search in Online Marketing I Everything you need to know

Voice search is the future of online marketing.
If your business is not optimized for voice searches, you cannot expect to reach your audience and achieve its growth targets.
But before talk about voice search further and its key role in digital marketing
Let’s quickly understand What exactly is voice search?
As the name suggests, voice search refers to the use of voice recognition technology that allows users to perform searches by simply speaking into the device.
The device could be a computer, a smartphone or a smart home assistant.
Voice assistant technology is becoming more mainstream – with tech giants Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft all getting on board.
As well as desktop and mobile, voice search is adapting to service users of cars, wearables, smart TVs, appliances.
In the digital marketing domain, voice search is one of the prominent trends coming to the forefront.
The reason is obvious – users are searching by saying the search terms rather than typing them.
Few key features of Voice searches:
1. Focus on getting your brand heard
The first goal of voice search for marketing is to use the technology to build awareness.
2. Keep it natural, It’s crucial from usability and an SEO perspective to keep your voice search results and applications sounding conversational, straightforward, and generally helpful.
3. Use a custom search engine that offers voice capabilities
More and more e-commerce and content websites offer voice search, users will come to expect this functionality as standard.
And user experience increased